GTA 5 PC Cheats

Here you will find the cheats and cheat codes for the PC version of GTA 5 – Grand Theft Auto V.

To use the cheats below, you need to open the console and type in the code. To open the console, click the tilde “~” button on your keyboard.

If you know about any cheats that are not listed in our cheat table, then please leave a comment and let us know!

GTA 5 PC Cheats

GTA 5 PC Cheats

 Cheat / EffectCode
Slow Motion Aiming (enter 3 times for full effect)DEADEYE
Slow Down GameplaySLOWMO
Max Health & ArmorTURTLE
Raise Wanted LevelFUGITIVE
Lower Wanted LevelLAWYERUP
Change WeatherMAKEITRAIN
Slippery Cars DriftingSNOWDAY
Flaming BulletsINCENDIARY
Explosive Melee AttackHOTHANDS
Give ParachuteSKYDIVE
Moon Gravity / Low GravityFLOATER
Drunk ModeLIQUOR
Recharge AbilityPOWERUP
Slow Motion (enter 3 times for full effect)SLOWMO
Skyfall (launches you into the sky)SKYFALL
Spawn CometCOMET
Spawn PCJ-600 MotorcycleROCKET
Spawn Sanchez Dirt BikeOFFROAD
Spawn TrashmasterTRASHED
Spawn Buzzard Attack HelicopterBUZZOFF
Spawn Stunt PlaneBARNSTORM

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